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What do I do when one of the older adults writes back to me?

  • If you have a pen pal, or someone that writes you back in response to one of your letters, write your letter and send a picture of it to the Project Spread Joy team at so we can get it added to your season letter total. After you send us the picture of your letter, please go ahead and mail it directly back to your pen pal.

Is there any other way to increase my season letter total?

  • We have a brand new way of gaining letters per season without writing letters yourself!

    • With our new volunteer recruiting system, you are able to earn credit for writing letters by getting friends, family members, or anyone else you may know to join. This includes having them take the measures to become a regular JOY volunteer. This includes:

      • Filling out our google form:​

      • Physically mailing or emailing their 2 induction letters within a week of filling out the google form.

      • Following Project Spread Joy on Instagram and sending a friend request on Facebook

      • Sending in a headshot to Zoe Griffith via Instagram or text and/or the Project Spread JOY Instagram Page (if you do NOT want us to post your picture or information, please indicate that when sending headshot)


        • 980-616-4955

  • After  completing this items, please email us at to let us know whom you have recruited to volunteer. We will then check to make sure they have completed all tasks, and if they have then we will add 4 letters to your season total. If not, we will let you know what tasks are still outstanding. For more in-depth information about this process, please check out the PowerPoint below:

Are there directions for writing these letters? Who should I send them to? What if I can't send them through mail?

  • Below you will find different links regarding how to write the letters and other relevant information. 

  • For physically mailing the letters (preferred)​:

    • Address to mail letters to (also on directions sheet): Project Spread Joy, 4776 Kay Bird Lane, Concord, NC 28027 ​

      • You can also:

        •  Drop your letters off at the above address if it is easier for you

  • For emailing the letters:

    • ​Write your letter with dark ink. If using pencil, write heavily and make sure the lead is dark on the page. ​
    • Take a picture of your letters with no shadows. Using flash helps with this. Make sure the letter fills the whole picture. ​

    • Email the letters to Attach the images of your letters to the email, choose "actual size" as the image size.

Once I am a volunteer, what are the requirements?

  • Project Spread JOY would like our volunteers to write a minimum of TWELVE letters in a three-month season (you can write four per month, or in whatever way you want). HOWEVER, if you write more than twelve, you may be eligible for different perks (social media shout-outs, t-shirts, and more!) 

  • For each 4 letters written, volunteers can earn 1 hour of community service credit. Please send any community service forms to Project Spread Joy's email at admin@spreadjoyinfo for authorization and signing

  • ​These letters can be sent at any point during the season!

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