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Below are the steps to request our mail services:

If you are a retirement facility:

  • Email the following information:

    • Name of the retirement facility

    • Your name

    • The full address of the retirement facility (include P.O. Box if applicable)

    • Number of residents

    • Whether you want them as general letters or personalized letters

      • General: Letters sent in a package with each letter having no specific recipient​

      • Personalized: Letters sent in a package with each letter having a specific recipient 

        • If you want them personalized, also attach a list in the email of names to ​whom you want the letters addressed 

    • Who's attention should we put on the package

    • Any questions you may have

If you are an older adult or know an older adult who would appreciate a letter:

  • Make sure the older adult knows that you are reaching out to us and that they will be receiving a letter soon

  • Email the following information:

    • Your name​

    • Name of the older adult (if different from the above)

    • The full address you would like us to send the letter to

    • Any questions you may have

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