Below are the steps to becoming a Project Spread JOY volunteer!

  1. Fill out our google response form at this link 

  2. After you fill out that form, you will have ONE WEEK to write AND send two letters to 4776 Kay Bird Lane or hand them in-person. Please let us know if you are unavailable to complete your letters within a week so we can give you an extension.

    1. We will let you know when we receive your letters so you can start on the next three steps 

    2. Please send your letters BEFORE the date they are due!!!!!!!!!

  3. Once you complete your two letters, you should do these two things:

    1. join our group me!

    2. send a headshot to the spread joy instagram 

      • ​NOTE: we will never post anything about you without your consent!​
      • NOTE: make sure you don’t join the group me or send in a headshot until your letters are received!

  4. After these three steps, you will be considered an official member of the group!